AAB Electrical Industries, Inc.
This One Tool Can Repair Any Electrical Equipment In Your Plant!
​​You're always as close as the nearest phone to complete full-service electrical equipment repairs. When you have a problem with a motor, generator, hoist, life truck, electrical control, or other piece of equipment, reach for the one tool that can repair it all ... your telephone. Give us a call!
When you have a vital piece of electrical equipment out of order, it can throw your production and delivery schedules way off schedule ... and cost you plenty! That's when you want fast, expert service. Not next week ... not "whenever we can work it in"... but NOW!

​We call this an Emergency Situation, and we're geared to handle it. As soon as you notify us of your problem, we'll dispatch a trained service technician who is qualified to not only determine the cause of your problem, but also provide on-site repairs if possible to get you quickly back in operation. If the problem is too severe 10 permit instant repair, we'll give your equipment priority treatment in our shop to get it back to you as soon as possible.

​Remember too, we use only the finest parts and materials in the repair of your motors or other electrical equipment. We also back up our work with a full guarantee on both materials and workmanship.
AAB Electrical Industries, Inc.
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AAB Electrical Industries, Inc
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